Reseller system

Pinnacle provides Reseller system to those who want to venture into messaging business in order to support companies or individuals.

Highlights of reseller system

    • A secure connectivity to our SMSC infrastructure
    • A corporate website
    • Web Interface to SEND SMS
    • URL- The URL API used for sending sms by integrating the URL in customer’s website or desktop application
    • XML- The XML API is also integrated in users desktop or web application by which user generate XML and post it to our XML
    • HTTP- An individual HTTP link will be provided to resellers that they can distribute to their client to submit messages via POST/GET method


    The resellers can send the messages like short message or long message through URL.
    They can check the delivery report through URL . Using URL facility, resellers can also check the SMS balance. 


    The resellers can create their own users and manage them with our SMPP control panel. They can also
    distribute our co-branded SMPP desktop client application to their clients.


    There will be 4 different modules provided for sending an sms

      • Login : The username and password is in an encrypted form
      • Send SMS : User can send sms in an xml format using post method
      • Status : User can collect the status of sms being send using post method
      • logout : User will be provided an logout option once after