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It is important for businesses to engage with their audience using text messaging because their customers use their phone more than any other medium. Text message marketing is the most effective method of customer engagement.

Pinnacle Teleservices empowers your business communication and provide a cost-effective platform for interacting millions of people in very short span of time. We are one of the most innovative and comprehensive SMS service provider, broadcasting messages in 150 countries, empowering powerful technology for business communication and advertising.

We help our customers creating engagement with their existing and prospect stakeholders to drive their business growth.


No Bulk SMS Campaign Is Too Large For Us


Industries leading platform and infrastructure

Connect through Web, HTTP/ HTTPS, XML or SMPP

Real time Intelligent routing

Minimum downtime assurance

Supports concatenated messages, Ring tones, Unicode - Multi linguistic, WAP, Flash, Business Card etc.

Robust SMSC gateway solution

Real Time delivery status

Online spam filtering

Online Admin control

High Delivery throughput

Online NDNC management

Redundant connectivity

Global Security Standards


Creative engagements

Short Latency & Guaranteed throughput

Tractable weblinks

Promoting Image, Audio, Video, Vouchers, Mobile tickets, loyalty cards, forms and surveys

Expedient Analytics and Dashboards

HTTPS, SSL encryption

Low cost and High ROI


Reach out 150 countries with SMS to any volumes


Pinnacle’s Enterprise class Gateways provides a robust, cross carrier service that seamlessly handles the growing A2P messaging streams. It allows coping with the complex and constantly evolving needs of today’s users domestically or internationally. The infrastructure helps you with the best reliability, security and performance.


Our platforms can handle extreme volumes of messages with its high throughput capability, safeguarding privacy and peace of mind. We work on lowest latency routes so that your critical, time dependent messages are delivered in seconds. Speak to our technical consultants for free advice on your messaging needs. Get started with our free trial to experience the power and speed of the gateway today.

Fast and reliable with assured Throughput

Dynamic queue Management

Interactive UI with traffic monitoring dashboards

Supports Unicode

Redundant and highly secured

Load Balancing Architecture

Intelligent Real time Routing

CustomizableSMS Sender ID’s

Concatenated messages up to 5 Parts

Platform SLA Guaranteed 99.7%

Real-time Delivery report

Filter Managements – Spam & DND

2-Way SMS interactivity

Low balance Notifications


Having worked diligently with our customers over the past decade, we have been able to develop and build a platform that employs the power of 2 Way SMS communication, abling businesses to increase and improve their engagement with customers.

Two-way messaging on Virtual Mobile Platform is a fast and reliable inbound SMS solution that allocates a mobile number or a premium short Code to a SMS server or even a Voice server. With Virtual Mobile Platform, users send SMS messages to this mobile number and the information is captured by the SMS application. Unlimited unique keywords can be assigned to these VMN’s on which the customer can interact. When combined with our dynamic Bulk SMS service, Virtual Mobile number is the ideal solution for SMS-enabled interactive applications, services and advertising promotions.


Highly Scalable

Auto & Dynamic feedback configuration

Reliable and cost effective

Easy to set-up and integrate

Real-time data forwarded to client database

Supports Unlimited Keywords

Real Time Web Based Reporting


VMN like 10 digit mobile number or Short codes are generally easy to remember and popular

Allow customer-initiated engagement and lead generation by advertising your SMS number on print, video and web channels

Create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns that can be sent, monitored and replied to, all via one platform

Empower and engage your customers with easily managed opt-ins and opt-outs

Allows you to automate your inbound campaigns by setting up auto-responses, or triggers to send back dynamic replie


A Video or a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words


A Video or a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.

Pinnacle’s MMS platform is an extension of SMS with a link to multimedia content.

Through the platform, eye-catching rich media contents can be delivered including videos, images, audios as well as unlimited characters.

MMS messaging is a much creative approach to engage your customers. Our MMS web interface allows you to create and insert short weblinks which can also point to Surveys, feedback forms, coupons, Tickets or web pages. This helps to track customer behavior & gauge campaign response, helping you to device your campaign smartly.


Empower campaigns to go beyond 160 characters

Helpful detailed analytics including device information, mobile number, location et

Interactive video, Audio, images, attachments and more

Featured with track able tiny weblinks to keep the message length in check

Monitor recipient behavior and campaign response rates real-time

Engage with Surveys, Feedback forms, Coupons, Tickets, Vouchers, Barcodes or Web pages


Works both on smart and feature Phones

Helps to improve campaigns, allows you to be more creative for customer engagement

Increased Brand recognition, sales and promotion

To result a viral campaign recipients can share messages

High ROI, Instant and very cost effective

The best element – All most all phones have internet

Captivate audience and gain customer insight

Brands and Businesses can deliver innovative & powerful messages

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